Air Freshner


Description: A high strength deodorant / reordrant. It has two stage effect that firstly neutralizes any existing odours and then lives lasting fresh fragrance. It contains PARA BN 15, a high strength odour neutralizing agent, effective against a wide range of odours  from a variety of sources including Tobacco, alcohol, decaying vegetable matter, mould, mildew, faces, food was fermentations and biological waste.


Ready to Use (Shake well)

Direction to use

Spray undiluted and sparingly into the air using pump action spray bottle. Instantly reacts with noxious odours to leave the atmosphere with a fresh, long-lasting fragrance.


Store in Cool & Dry Place. Incase of contact with eyes or sensitive skin wash immediately with plenty with water and if irritation persists seek medical advice. If accidently ingested. Seel medical advice. Do not induce vomiting.
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