Alkaline Detergent Concentrate For Dairy – Product Details

SUPERCHURN is a highly alkaline powder, designed for use in all CIP/COP cleaning procedures found in dairies and various food industries. It is formulated with sequestering agents with low foam surfactants, and water conditioning agents  effectively controlling water hardness at high and low alkalinity ranges. This unique formulation penetrates, loosens and removes fasts and protein deposits.
  • Dosage: 0.5% to 1% related to the extent of dirt. Method of application and the desired results.
  • Temperature: 60 to75Degree, higher the temperature better its is for sanitation and removal of organic, inorganic soil, oils & fats. The product can be used at room temperature for general purpose cleaning.
    After the washing process is over the system should be thoroughly rinsed with water, to remove any traces of product and alkali from the surface. However cleaning of filtration system, is specialized job, considering the material used for different filters (Mf, Uf, Nf etc), choice of cleaner should be related to the as mentioned below  :
  •  Superior Cleaning: Destroys the fats, proteins & minerals that build up in pasteurisers, milk lines, claws and equipment. Effectively removes milk stones & mineral residues.
  • Efficient in Hard Water : Its unique composition enable it to perform even in hard water areas with hardness (as CaCo3) upto 200ppm. Leaves the system sparkling clean & bright
  • Saves Water : Proven to save up to 1000 liters per wash which also results in saving from reduced waste hauling expenses
Handling Product Super-Churn, being a alkaline leaner, it should be handled with care and any direct contact with the skin, eyes should be strictly avoided. Use of suitable hand gloves and safety goggles are strongly recommended.




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