Nutra G

Dumping yard
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In order to overcome this problem Neste Solutions have come up with an ecofriendly & nontoxic herbal extracts based product which eliminate the odour emanating from garbage landfill sites without disadvantage of reducing the level of microbial activity.

Its microbial activity assisting properties greatly reduce the risk of fire occurring due to formation of methane gas.


Application Area

An highly efficient odour neutralizer to control offensive odour arising from garbage landfill sites, sewage treatment plants, animal breading farms like chickens and pigs, Dairy farms and other odour  producing activities.

Direction of Use: -

Prepare a dilute Solution of NUTRA-G by diluting 1 kg product with 30-40 liters of water. 

Approx. 1 Liter of diluted NUTRA-G is sufficient to treat 5000 squire feet area of landfill site.

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